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Have you been struggling with your insurance provider in New Mexico? Have you been denied benefits and want to dispute an insurer’s decision? Do you suspect your insurance carrier of defrauding you? Are you stuck paying for repairs, medical treatment or property replacement costs? If you are struggling to get an insurance reimbursement, you should speak with one of USAttorneys’ well-informed insurance claim lawyers.


Types of Insurance Claims:


In New Mexico, you are required to carry insurance on you any car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle you own. Your policy will cover you, occupants of your car and other motorists. To see the minimum auto insurance requirements for New Mexico, visit the state Motor Vehicle Department website.

While you are required to carry auto and motorcycle insurance, other types are voluntary, unless stipulated by a contract with a mortgage company, for example. If you purchase a home, you must purchase homeowner’s insurance, and depending on where you live, may have to purchase natural disaster insurance.


Property Insurance:

Fire Insurance

Flood Insurance

Boat Insurance

Personal Insurance includes:

Dental Insurance

Disability Insurance

Health Insurance

Life Insurance

Funeral Insurance

Travel Insurance


If you need to make a personal or property insurance claim, contact one of our insurance claims lawyers near your New Mexico location. You can familiarize yourself with the claims process and decide how to proceed with your case. With legal assistance, you will have a better chance getting a better settlement and sooner.


Top Insurers in New Mexico rated by Biz Journals include:

AVI Risk Management

Western States Insurance Group

Wells Fargo

Brown and Brown Insurance of New Mexico

If you want to find a reputable insurer, you can visit the Office of Superintendent of Insurance website and use their provider directory search.


Claims Attorneys Can Help with Disputes


As a policyholder, probably think if you have a claim, you can file the necessary paperwork and a check will soon follow, but that isn’t the case. Many policyholders must work hard to get the money they need for a major repair or medical treatment. They may file a claim, and the insurance company refuses to pay, or worse they have become the victim of an auto insurance scam or were defrauded by an insurance company. No matter what difficulties you are having with your claim, our team of lawyers will help you overcome them.


How Can I Benefit by Hiring an Insurance Attorney?


Appealing an insurer’s denial is not a simple task, you need to get assistance, or you may be on the hook for the repair or procedure, either of which could send your finances into a downward spiral. Our insurance claims lawyers work with insurance adjusters regularly, so they know how to negotiate for a better award amount. They also know how to overcome any arguments that an insurer uses to justify denying your claim. Our attorneys know what to do to get your claim approved and for a generous amount. Don’t go head-to-head with an insurer without an experienced and aggressive attorney on your side. Set up a consultation today.