Struggling with a Wrongful Denial of Insurance Benefits in New York?

Were you denied insurance benefits in New York after filing a claim? Have you been struggling to file an insurance dispute against your provider to no avail? If so, then you may benefit from the expertise of an experienced insurance claims lawyer.

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An Insurance Lawyer Can Help You Recover Your Rightful Insurance Benefits


So you’ve paid a hefty sum for an insurance policy, right? You’ve spent thousands of your heard-earned dollars on coverage for medical procedures, auto repairs or accidents, property damage, and even rental community mishaps. Now, the unspeakable has happened. You’ve been hurt, had your car totaled, or your apartment was flooded in a hurricane or because your upstairs neighbor forgot to turn off their faucet. It happens.

No worries, though, you’ve got a stellar insurance policy to cover whatever the damage may be. You’re confident that your insurance provider will pay you the full sum of benefits that were explained to you when you first acquired insurance. Well, don’t be so sure.

Each day, someone in New York is involved in an accident, is injured, loses a loved one, or sustains serious damage to their home or motor vehicle and files an insurance claim. Yet, for every insurance claim that is filed, thousands more are denied. Why? Several reasons.

  1. Insurance companies don’t believe you – For one, an insurance company may not believe you actually deserve compensation, even if you have extensive documentation to back up your insurance claim. Your insurance provider may try to have the damage or out-of-pocket costs appraised by one of their own representatives (which are naturally on their side), and you may be shorted a substantial amount of money despite the fact that you actually and rightfully should be paid.
  2. Insurance companies are greedy Insurance providers are like any other business, and as such, they don’t want to lose money they want to make it. Most often, off of YOUR hard-earned dollars! So what do they do? They either reduce a payout or completely deny an insurance claim.
  3. Insurance companies are committing fraud Just because you have a policy with a reputable insurance company, this doesn’t mean that all their representatives have integrity. As with any other company, an insurance agent or one of their accountants may commit fraud. You, in good faith, may trust your provider with your money and pay exorbitant premiums to make sure you are covered in the event of an emergency. But your provider may not return the favor. Fortunately for you, bad faith insurance practices can be countered with the help of a bad faith insurance lawyer.


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