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Do you need to make an insurance claim? Are you struggling with a flood insurance claim? Is an adjuster not offering you enough for your damaged property? Do you need a medical procedure and a health insurer is refusing to cover it? If so, you need to look after yourself by finding an insurance claims attorney near you in Nebraska. has links to top-notch legal experts in Omaha.

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Trouble with insurance claims is standard. Consumers often find that when they need to make a claim, an insurance company denies it or makes them jump through hoops to recover damages. That is very frustrating and a major challenge to overcome for anyone with no legal expertise. You need someone on your side familiar with the way insurance companies operate and well-versed in methods they use to limit their liability.

Get legal help if you have problems with the following insurance policies:







Recreational vehicle

No matter where you live in Nebraska, we have a knowledgeable team of insurance claims attorneys in Omaha who will make certain your insurance lives up to their obligations. Call and arrange a case evaluation today. Our legal team can help with all filing requirements and deadlines and negotiations with adjusters; they can also help with your civil claim if that is the route you need to take. And they can help with any of the typical insurance policies discussed below.

Do I Need Flood Insurance in Omaha?

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which manages the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), 20 to 25 percent of flood claims the agency receives come from areas not prone to flooding. So, even if you think you are not in danger, think again. Below are some of the rivers and creeks that have been identified as a flood risk:

Missouri River

Big Papillion Creek

Little Papillion Creek

West Papillion Creek

Hell Creek

Cole Creek

Thomas Creek

Boxelder Creek

Flood insurance covers:

The damaged contents of your home and usually pay these claims in cash and just for the depreciated value of used items.

The costs of repairing or replacing your property depending on the type of coverage you purchased. Replacement cost coverage will pay the full amount of your property without depreciation being a factor when it is your primary residence. However, the maximum amount full replacement coverage is 80 percent of the value of your home. That is also the maximum for flood insurance coverage under NFIP.

What flood insurance doesn’t cover:

Damage caused by water from inside your home

Cash and other documents

Improvements in below-ground areas

Pools and garden beds

Lost wages

Any items left in basement areas

For more about flood risks and development in Omaha, you can contact:

City of Omaha Planning Department

1819 Farnam St. # 1100,

Omaha, NE 68183

Troubles with Home Owner’s Insurance?

Homeowners insurance claims can be as tricky as flood insurance policies. Before you decide on a policy, you need to thoroughly look at what your homeowner’s insurance policy does and doesn’t cover.

Having Problems with a Health Insurance Claim?

Many people have issues with health insurance claims and have their claims denied because a treatment is experimental or there are questions about the results of a medication or treatment.

Are You the Victim of Insurance Fraud?

You may not realize it, but insurance fraud can go both ways. We are accustomed to hearing about cases when an insurer gets scammed, but consumers get scammed too. It’s difficult to tell how many cases of insurance fraud there are each year because many instances go undetected, but if you aren’t careful, you could end up paying for a phony policy and not have coverage when you need it the most. Insurance fraud can cost you thousands and leave you unable to get a settlement you need. If you need to file an insurance complaint, contact the following office:

The Nebraska Department of Insurance

941 O Street

PO Box 82089

Lincoln, Nebraska 68501-2089

What If I Need to Make to Make an Insurance Claim?

Before Disaster Strikes

  • Decide what you plan to do when a hurricane, tornado, flood or earthquake strikes in your area; familiarize yourself with evacuation routes and shelter locations.
  • Take photos of your home and grounds, making sure to capture your home and belongings.
  • Purchase a fireproof safe to keep all your important documents, credit cards, cash, and receipts for purchased property.
  • Be sure to have enough food for several days.

After the Destruction

  • Once you can return to your home, take photos of the destruction, so there is no question about the damage.
  • Contact your insurance company as soon as you can and notify.
  • Meet with an insurance adjuster.
  • Get written estimates for needed repairs.
  • Contact and insurance claim attorney in Omaha, Nebraska and set up a free consultation.
  • File a claim with your insurer

If you encounter any problems with your insurer, is your resource for some of Nebraska’s best insurance claims lawyers. We can help you find an insurance settlement attorney in Omaha or other location who will strive to recover the full amount of financial damages you deserve. Hiring a claims lawyer ensures your claim is not denied and you receive worthy compensation. The claims process can be hard, so let us connect you with an expert to deal with an insurer on your behalf. They will handle all aspects and leave you to worry about your home and well-being.

Don’t delay, arrange a case evaluation today and learn what steps you need to take to ensures your claim is a success. Call to today and make an appointment with a lawyer who knows the ins and outs of insurance claims. Your first consultation is free, and the attorney you are considering may take your case on contingency.

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