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While most people think that hiring an insurance lawyer isn’t necessary when an issue arises with their submitted insurance claim, they are actually rather valuable to the matter as they can help to increase your chances of getting an unpaid or rejected claim processed and settled.

Whether you are dealing with your homeowner’s insurance carrier or your health insurer, our insurance claim attorneys in Oregon are sure to help get your issue resolved. Not only are they familiar with all of the laws and statutes that these companies are required to abide by, but they can use past cases to compare to and help get you the outcome your desire.


What are Some Unfair Settlement Practices Insurers Should Never Take Part in?


Understanding what rules your insurer is required to abide by and practice can help you when trying to get your claim paid.  Below are only some of the laws that are currently active that display some of the things your insurance carrier shouldn’t be doing. And if you have found that they are, you may want to consider calling one of the featured insurance lawyers on our site and explain your current situation.


Chapter 746

  1. “No insurer or other persons shall commit or perform any of the following unfair claim settlement practices:”
  2. Misrepresenting any facts or provisions from your policy when settling your claims. Everything provided to you by your insurer needs to be accurate.
  3. Failing to act promptly when a claim is filed or communicate with you regarding your claim.
  4. Refuse to pay a claim in which a full investigation has not been conducted for.
  5. Failure to affirm or deny coverage of claims within a reasonable time period after a proof of loss statement has been submitted.
  6. No insurer shall refuse, without reason, to pay or settle your claim when coverage is evident and provided by its polices with such frequency as to indicate general business practice in the state of Oregon.


There are many times where claimants fail to hear back from their insurer after submitting all the necessary documentation that has been requested. If you were involved in a car accident and are awaiting payment to repair your vehicle or have had your home repaired and now need the compensation for the money you had to put up, you are going to want to contact USAttorneys. Time is of the essence and you don’t have any to waste on your insurance carrier who isn’t processing your claim in a timely manner or has attempted to provide you with a settlement that is far lower than the amount the damage was appraised for.

Sitting down with a legal professional who knows insurance laws in and out can help give you some peace of mind as to what your rights are as a claimant and what actions you can take to get the money you deserve. Therefore, give us a call today and an agent of ours will get you paired up with an insurance claim dispute lawyer in your city who is willing and able to assist you.