New Orleans Hit with at Least Seven Tornadoes

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Seven tornadoes have ripped through New Orleans and surrounding areas leaving nothing but debris behind.

New Orleans and the surrounding area has taken yet another hard hit just yesterday when several tornadoes touched down on land and nearly destroyed everything in their path. Foundations of where homes once stood are all that can be seen in some areas while business, motels, cars, and more have been left completely damaged. According to NBC News, two of the twisters struck Orleans Parish, two hit Livingston Parish, and one touched down in Tangipahoa, Ascension and St. James parishes. One of the images shared on the news source’s site shows only one level remaining of what used to be a two-story motel. Debris is also pictured displaying pieces of what used to be people’s homes.

Did Anyone in New Orleans Suffer Injuries?

While the tornadoes ripped through neighborhoods and caused roofs to cave in, luckily, no deaths have been reported. There have only been 25 reported cases of injuries, however, none were said to have been life-threatening. One of the injured victims was an eight-month pregnant woman who had her home cave in on her and her two children. Once the tornado watch was lifted and residents came out of hiding only to see the damage that was caused, Governor John Bel Edwards dispatched the guard to assist local and state patrols to the areas that were hit the hardest.

President Donald Trump also sent out his thoughts and prayers to those involved in the chaos through a tweet on Twitter.

So now that the dust has settled, what are these homeowners and business owners to do?

It’s Time to Get the Insurance Company Involved

Just a few months ago, New Orleans and the surrounding areas took a hard hit from major flooding that occurred. Now, while the disaster is different, the effects are still the same. Families are displaced and many have nowhere to go. This is the time for residents to pull all their resources together so they can begin to receive the necessary help to get them back on their feet. Insurance claims need to be filed and compensation needs to be issued.

Hire an Insurance Claims Attorney in New Orleans

If you were directly affected by the disastrous tornados that ripped through New Orleans, you may want to consider enlisting the help from an experienced insurance attorney. You need financial assistance and a quick response from your insurance company and the insurance claims lawyers featured on can help you attain this.

The most important thing right now is for you and your family to get back on your feet and work your way to recovery. It will take some time to get the financial assistance you need but with the help of an insurance lawyer in New Orleans, it can get done much quicker.

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