Facing an injury or a long-term illness can make it exceedingly difficult for a person to earn money and continue providing for themselves and their family. If a person finds themselves in such sudden strained circumstances, they may be eligible to claim disability insurance in NYC.

A person may be eligible to receive short-term disability benefits under the Disability Benefits Law. Though these payments are limited and given for a short period of time they can be especially useful in helping a person out financially during the time they need to rest and recover from their injury or illness.

To be eligible for short-term disability insurance, a person must face an illness or injury while being employed. This does not mean that the injury has to occur at work, it simply means that a person must have a job, or they must have been recently employed near the time of their illness. If a person is injured at their workplace, they are entitled to receive workers’ compensation and that is different from disability insurance or benefits. Pregnant women are generally also covered under  short-term disability as well.

Even if a person is not working or not recently employed, they are still eligible for disability insurance if they have signed up for voluntary coverage beforehand. The New York State’s Workers Compensation Board takes care of short-term disability benefits and they require that every employer provides insurance to cover short-term disability for their employees in case they require it.

How long does a person have to claim short-term disability insurance?

Individuals are expected to file their claims within 30 days of becoming disabled. It is vital that a person makes their claim within this timeframe if they want it to be taken seriously. An insurance attorney who has experience dealing with disability insurance can help a person file their claim using the correct legal procedure so there are no unnecessary delays in a person receiving their much-needed financial assistance.

Generally speaking, disability benefits often pay 50% of a person’s average wages, to a maximum of $170 per week. Individuals can generally receive payments for a maximum of 26 weeks. It is important to keep in mind that these payments do not cover one’s medical expenses.

Individuals who face a sudden injury or get ill generally cannot work the way they used to and this can lead to serious emotional and financial strain on their life. If a person is in this situation, they should not hesitate before reaching out to a legal professional to help them find a way to receive financial help through disability insurance until they are able to start working again.

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