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At some point in everyone’s life, there is a high chance they have will have to directly work with their insurance company to file a claim and obtain the compensation for any damage that may have been done. Insurance is something that nearly every individual is required to have. If you want to operate a vehicle, you must be covered under a state insurance policy that meets all the necessary requirements. If you want to be given the ability to afford your medical treatments that are generally too costly for the average person to pay out of pocket, you need health insurance. And if you own a home or rent an apartment, you want your personal belongings to be protected, therefore, you need homeowners or renter’s insurance.

If this time has come for you now and you have found that getting your claim paid is much more difficult than you expected, our insurance attorneys in South Carolina will gladly provide you with the legal aid necessary to help get this accomplished.

Insurance plays a large role in our lives and as committed as you may be to your carrier as you pay your premium each and every month, there are instances where your insurer doesn’t repay you with the same consideration.


Section 38-59-20-Improper Claims Practices in the State of South Carolina


Any insurer, whether it be accident, auto, property, casualty, health, etc. who commits any of the following without just cause could be held liable for improper claims practices.

  1. Misrepresented pertinent facts or policy provisions to an insured or third-party claimant relating to their coverages.
  2. Failing to promptly acknowledge and communicate with an insured regarding a claim submitted.
  3. Failure to attempt to act in good faith and provide “prompt, fair, and equitable settlements of claims, including third-party liability claims, arising under its policies.”
  4. Offers to settle claims, including those from third-party liability claims, for an amount that that is “less than the amount otherwise reasonably due or payable based on the possibility or probability that the policy holder or claimant would be required to incur attorneys’ fees to recover the amount reasonably due or payable.”

If you feel your insurer is acting out of bad faith or has committed one or more of the following improper claims practices, USAttorneys is who you need to contact today.

USAttorneys has helped several individuals seeking legal aid find and retain an insurance lawyer in their city after struggling to get their claims paid by their insurance companies. It isn’t always the easiest task to find a lawyer who you can trust who is going to take your matter as serious as you do. The featured South Carolina insurance claim denial lawyers featured on our site are familiar with the laws mentioned along with all the others and will see to it that if your insurer has acted out of bad faith or isn’t handling your claim properly is recognized for this misconduct.

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