Many South Floridians have been experiencing a great deal of frustration with their home insurance carriers as many of these companies are denying property damage claims, a majority of which were filed after the destructive Hurricane Irma tore through Miami Dade and Broward County last year. Generally, when you have coverage and your insurer denies your claim, you appeal their decision and work with the company until an agreement has been reached. While there are plenty of homeowners who have appealed their denial notices, some are going a step further and are actually suing their insurance company.

One South Florida property owner who has been identified as Anne Abraham, filed a complaint on April 12thwith the Broward Circuit Court against American Security Insurance Company, which provides insurance coverage to homeowners all across South Florida. Abraham is alleging that the company failed to cover damages that were caused by Hurricane Irma. Back in September 2017, “Abraham sustained economic damages, including damaged property and repair costs,” when her home sustained substantial damage caused by Hurricane Irma[Source: Florida Record]. At that time Abraham’s home insurance policy was in full force.

While Abraham may have a legitimate reason to file suit against American Security, the suit also indicates that the company sent correspondence to their policyholder saying they were “denying coverage of the claim due to a purported exclusion in the policy” and that “only a small partial payment will be paid.” Abraham also alleged that the company failed to evaluate her claim in a timely manner and also failed to make a full payment toward the covered losses.

Abraham is being represented by a Miami insurance claim denial attorney and is seeking a trial by jury along with damages of more than $15,000 for interest, attorney fees, and other costs she has incurred.


Lawsuits are on the rise in Florida after insurers refuse to pay for home damage caused by Hurricane Irma.


While many were surprised to find just how much damage their homes sustained after Hurricane Irma touched down in South Florida, others were shocked after they submitted their property damage claim to their home insurance company only to receive a low-ball settlement offer or a denial letter. The truth is, Abraham isn’t the only homeowner who is dealing with this struggle. There are a number of FL residents who still haven’t received a check from their insurer despite the fact that they had adequate coverage at the time when the storm struck. And that is why residents have turned to Miami insurance claim denial lawyers to help file suit and recover the money that is owed to them.

In the event you happen to be dealing with a similar dilemma and have exhausted all your options in terms of getting your denied claim paid, it is time you let connect you with a reliable and dedicated Miami, FL insurance claim denial attorney who can assist you. Sometimes, when you bring an attorney into the picture to help with your claim, insurance companies are more encouraged to work with you as opposed to having the case brought before a judge which only costs them more money.


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