Hurricane Zeta caused damage to many parts of Louisiana

Baton Rouge, LA - The state of Louisiana is often targeted by hurricanes, and in 2020 there were several storms that devastated the area. Hurricane Zeta caused substantial damage to many of the largest cities in the state. This storm was a category…
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Can a policyholder have an insurance claim denial reversed after hurricane damage in Mobile Alabama?

The Gulf Coast may get hit with two hurricanes in three days, but could Alabama get lucky and miss the worst of the weather?  Nothing was certain as of Saturday evening, and there have been big changes to forecast tracks for Tropical Storm…
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Most Florida business owners do not have business interruption insurance or they will have trouble getting a provider to pay their claim

Business interruption insurance can create many obstacles, including a claim process that can be more difficult than most other types of insurance. This is especially concerning for business owners in 2020, as the coronavirus pandemic caused…