Hurricanes are terrifying and not only do they cause entire cities to go into hiding out of fear, but they also often cause a significant amount of property damage to houses and vehicles as well. Anyone who lives in areas that are prone to hurricanes should make sure they take certain steps to ensure their property is protected in the case a hurricane does cause them serious financial losses.

A person should connect with an insurance lawyer as soon as possible to make sure their homeowner’s policy is in accordance to their needs in the event that a hurricane actually does occur. Before the storm arrives a person should make sure they sit with their attorney and ask whether the homeowner’s policy covers flood and windstorm coverage. They should also review coverage limits on the home and any other valuables it contains inside it.

Apart from understanding this basic information, a person should also find out if their insurance company will pay the cash value of the loss or if they will pay the replacement costs instead. Homeowners need to make sure their inventory of personal belongings is thoroughly up to date and everything they own should be photographed and recorded on video if possible, to use as evidence later on in case these items get damaged.

Once the storm has passed, a person should complete a full survey of their property to make sure they do not miss any significant damage that was done. Any damage that is found should be recorded and then reported to the insurance agent right away. It is always best to get an insurance attorney to assist a person with correspondence to the insurer, as the insurer will often give a lower offer of settlement if they believe that a person is unaware of the legal knowledge of their rights regarding this particular situation.

A person will then receive an adjustment amount and their attorney can negotiate with the company until a fair amount is decided. Individuals should make sure they only hire reputable contractors to help them repair the damages of the home, and until the damage is fixed they should make sure to avoid any fallen wires, escaping gas or other structural damage.

Why should I work with an insurance attorney in Mississippi?

Insurance policies can be highly variant and anyone who feels like their home is at risk of being damaged by a hurricane should make sure they thoroughly understand whether their policy covers damage caused by a hurricane, or not.

It can be very difficult to read through lengthy insurance paperwork on one’s own and it can be easy to misunderstand what is written as well. An insurance lawyer has the proper education and background to understand the policy and to help a person take the necessary steps to ensure they are covered if a hurricane does occur.

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