Tampa Florida, What Happens If I Do Not Have the Required Insurance Coverage?

Vehicle owners are required to have insurance coverage on their automobiles if they want to drive around legally in Tampa, Florida. Any vehicle which is registered in Florida needs to have continuous coverage on their vehicle even if their car is not operable or is not being driven around regularly.

Not only are drivers required to have insurance coverage, they also have to make sure that the insurance carrier is actually licensed to be doing business in Florida. If a person is insured through an unlicensed insurance company then they will have to face legal consequences.

The legal consequences for driving around uninsured can be severe. A person can have their driving privileges and their license plate suspended. Not only that but if they were completely uninsured they will most likely also have to pay an additional fine of up to $500 for their inability to follow Florida law.

For a first time offense of being caught without insurance coverage in Florida, a person can be fined up to $150 and have their license suspended for up to three years. For a second time offense, a person will definitely have their license and registration suspended for up to three years along with having to pay a $250 fine. A third offense within three years entails the same suspension of up to three years but with having to pay a fine of up to $500.

The reason why driving with insurance is so important is because if a person just so happens to get into an accident and they are not insured, the injured individuals will not be able to get financially compensated for their injuries and the property damage which they suffered from due to the accident and this can waste a lot of time for the court and everyone else involved.

Do I need to call an insurance lawyer?

Insurance can be a very complicated matter when examined through a legal perspective. If a person is caught without insurance they will benefit greatly by having an insurance lawyer defend them in court. The penalties for being caught uninsured can greatly decrease the quality of a person’s life and the person may have to live with the penalties for years to come.

If a person wishes to keep their driving privileges or at least reduce their penalties and fines then they should contact an attorney as soon as possible to help them with their case. It can be tempting to try and manage the case oneself but the wealth of knowledge and experience that a qualified insurance lawyer can bring to the table can significantly turn the tables in a person’s favor.

If a person wants to optimize their chances of having their penalties reduced they should contact their lawyer as soon as possible after they have been confronted by the police officer. If a person got into an accident while being uninsured then they will require the assistance of a lawyer even more because of the legal complications which can arise from the other parties who were involved in the accident.


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