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With the numerous amount of insurance companies available in the state of Tennessee providing various types of coverages, it is important to recognize that while some are legitimate and credible companies, others may not be carrying a license that authorizes them to be selling insurance policies to consumers.  It is important to be aware of this because you not want to be wasting your hard-earned money on something you aren’t getting. Most importantly, you need insurance coverage and in the event you have to file a claim, you won’t be receiving any sort of compensation to cover the costs of the damages incurred.

If you have recently discovered that your auto, property, or health insurer isn’t providing you with the coverage that is stated in the terms of your contract, you are more than likely going to want to try and contact someone higher up in the company who may be able to look further into the issue.

If you find the company isn’t willing to work with you and has rejected or denied your claim, you have a few other options. There are seven different sections of the Insurance Division of Tennessee and you may be able to report your issue with the appropriate one. You also have the option of speaking with one of our knowledgeable insurance claim attorneys located in Tennessee who work with these types of matters on a daily basis. They can provide you with some insight as to what your rights are as a claimant and what they may be able to do to assist you.


The Seven Sections of the Insurance Division


  1. Agent Licensing

This section regulates and licenses individuals and business entities that sell insurance products in TN. If you are questioning whether a company is legally licensed or not, you can contact this section by calling 615-741-2693 or 888-416-0868.


  1. Captive Insurance

They oversee and support corporations and groups underwriting their own insurance to manage risks and gain financial control.

Phone number: 615-741-3805 or 855-809-0069.


  1. Consumer Insurance Services

You may want to jot this information down as this section educates consumers on insurance-related topics and mediates insurance-related disputes.

Phone Number: 615-741-2218 or 1-800-342-4029.


  1. Financial Affairs

They monitor financial and operational conditions of insurance companies in Tennessee while analyzing records to ensure compliance with state laws, rules, and regulations.

Phone Number: 615-741-1633


  1. Insurance Examinations

This section examines those insurance companies that are licensed in TN to ensure they are financial and operational condition remains in compliance with state laws, rules, and regulations through examination reports.

Phone Number: 615-741-6796


  1. Fraud Investigations

If there are concerns regarding abuse, fraud, waste, or other violations, this section will investigate these allegations and resolve them through means of fines or revocation of licenses.

Phone Number: 800-792-7573


  1. Policy Analysis

The policy analysis section reviews insurance policy rates, rules, and forms for all types of insurance filed by licensed companies in the state of TN.

Phone Number: 1-800-861-1270 or 615-741-2825


Although some insurance disputes can be resolved directly through your insurance company, others simply cannot. If you need some legal advice on what you are able to do to get your claim re-evaluated or paid, give us a call today and an agent of ours will get you connected with a local Tennessee insurance claim dispute lawyer.