The Aftermath of Hurricane Michael Leaves Residents in Panama City Displaced and Stressed

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After a hurricane strikes, we often hear about the devastating effects it had on cities, homes, and other types of properties. We hear about the costs associated with rebuilding and the circumstances families are left with after the storm has come and gone. But you have to wonder what psychological effects a hurricane has on those who either went through it or returned to their city only to find remnants of what once was considered their home.

The reality is, major storms like Hurricane Katrina, Maria, and Michael not only take lives and destroy homes, but they also result in mental suffering. Leader-Telegram recently reported that the “mental stress is mounting in Florida” in parts where Hurricane Michael hit. One woman expressed the stress she is feeling with living in Panama City and told the source that she is “fearful after hearing gunshots at night” and feels “confused because she no longer recognizes the place where she’s spent her entire 45 years.”

The source went on to cite that “health care workers say they are seeing signs of mental problems in residents more than a week after Michael, and the issues could continue as a short-term disaster turns into a long-term recovery that will take years.” Others are saying they are beginning to see signs of “fraying” in individuals. The sad reality is, there are still plenty of people who don’t have a home to go back to and others who need medical care and are forced to receive it in a tent that is set up in the parking lot of the Bay Medical Sacred Heart Hospital, which sustained substantial damage from the storm.

CBS News also reported on the aftermath of Hurricane Michael as well and shared one devastating story of a family of 12 whose apartment home was destroyed. Although the family was told not to return to the damaged apartment complex, they have nowhere else to go. They told the source that their “nights are spent in the dark and most days the toilet doesn’t work.” Unfortunately, this family isn’t the only one struggling with this particular issue. CBS News also stated that “in Bay County, which includes Panama City, more than 36,000 households have contacted FEMA for help” and “more than 1,300 people are currently living in FEMA temporary housing.”

insurance claims lawyers in Panama City, FL
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While it is evident that it will take time before those affected by Hurricane Michael will begin to live a “normal” life, it is important for those whose homes were affected to take advantage of all the support that is available to them. Aside from FEMA and other agencies who offer help and support, there are also insurance claims attorneys in Panama City, FL who can step in and assist you.


If you own a home in Panama City, FL that was affected by Hurricane Michael and you need help getting an insurance claim filed or approved so that you can begin to have your home rebuilt or restored back to its original condition, contact Panama City, FL insurance claims lawyer David Graham. He can help you with any insurance-related matter so that you have one less thing to worry about which may, in turn, help reduce the amount of stress you are currently experiencing.


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