Tornado Damage in Florida: Are You Covered?

These days, it seems like owning a home in Florida is like riding a ship through a stormy ocean. Every year, you’re hit with new weather disasters. Even if you have home insurance, paying premiums and constantly rebuilding your residence can become tiresome to say the least. Recently, the focus has been entirely on hurricanes and floods. But what about tornadoes? Could this prove to be a threat in the future? More importantly, is your home covered for this type of damage?

Long-Tracked Tornadoes Are Rare in Florida

In mid-January of 2023, it was reported that many southern states like Kentucky and Alabama had been hit with serious tornadoes. While tornado warnings were also issued for parts of southern Florida, the state wasn’t really affected by this weather event in the same way. This is largely because tornadoes are somewhat rare in the Sunshine State. Why? The Deep South is considered the perfect tornado environment due to its wind shear and proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. Florida is also close to the Gulf of Mexico, but it lacks the wind shear of “Tornado Alley.”

But that isn’t to say that tornadoes are impossible. Judging by recent events, it’s safe to say that mother nature is extremely unpredictable. And we’ve seen plenty of serious tornadoes in Florida’s history, including:

  • The 1998 Kissimmee tornado outbreak
  • The 1997 Miami tornado
  • The 1925 Miami tornado
  • The 2007 Groundhog Day tornado
  • The Great Storm of 1975
  • The Tornado Outbreak of April 15th, 1958
  • The Tornado Outbreak of April 4th, 1966
  • The Tornado Outbreak of December 16th, 2000

Does Florida Home Insurance Cover Tornado Damage?

A typical homeowner’s insurance policy covers wind damage — including damage caused by tornadoes. This means that if your home is damaged by a rare tornado in Florida, your insurance policy should provide you with a settlement sufficient to replace or repair your residence. They should also reimburse you for living costs if you need to live in another location due to safety concerns. If your claim is denied for any reason, you should appeal the denied claim and push back against the insurance company.

Most of the time, it is flood damage that causes the biggest issues for Floridian homeowners. Flood damage is one of those things that are usually not covered under a typical homeowner’s policy. This causes serious issues during hurricanes, which are often accompanied by serious rainfall. Sometimes, it is difficult to figure out whether a home has been damaged by wind or water.

Where Can I Find a Qualified Attorney to Help With Denied Home Insurance Claims?

If you’ve been searching for a qualified attorney who can help with your denied home insurance claims, look no further than Shochet Law Group. We know that in a state like Florida, your home faces damage from a range of different threats. If you’ve been diligently paying your premiums, you deserve a fair settlement to cover your property damage. Book your consultation today, and we can guide you toward a positive outcome in a confident, efficient manner. Reach out today.


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