Do You Need An Insurance Claims Attorney Near You?

Filing an insurance claim for an auto accident in Utah differs from other states as there are specific guidelines and rules that need to be followed as per the Utah Insurance Department. It is important that you are aware of the insurance laws that are currently active so that you get the compensation you and anyone else involved in the accident is entitled to receive. But do you know which insurance company you are supposed to file your claim through first? Are you aware of what PIP, personal injury protection, coverage you may be entitled to receive? If not, some of Utah’s laws are highlighted below which may be able to get you going with your claim.

And if you have unanswered questions regarding your particular incident and can’t seem to find the answers, your best bet is to consult with one of our skilled Utah insurance claims attorneys who can provide the necessary answers, help you with the claims process, and even initiate a lawsuit if the insurer’s involved aren’t complying.


Filing a Claim 


There are two ways you can file your claim. The first is through your own insurance company, which is considered a first-party claim. Your coverage, limits, and deductible will all play a role in what you are able to receive for the damages incurred. With you own personal insurance, you have a direct contract with your carrier which means they have to abide by the terms of your contact. If you find they aren’t, this is when our Utah insurance claim dispute lawyers should be called upon who can step in and rectify the situation.

The next type of claim you can file is a third-party claim, and that is through the other driver’s insurance company. When dealing with this, keep in mind that you do not have a direct contract which means their “primary obligation is to their own insurer,” not you.


Utah Insurance Laws


The laws in Utah state that in the event any person sustains a bodily injury in your vehicle, a claim must be submitted through the insurer who is covering the vehicle. For every person that is injured, “the first $3,000 in medical expenses will be covered by your policy under Personal Injury Protection before you can file a claim with the responsible insurer.”

Now, if the other motorist who was involved was the cause of the collision, you then submit your claim through their company and wait to receive a settlement offer. This will be provided given that the agent handling the claim was able to determine that their insured was in fact responsible. The Utah Insurance Department has pointed out that most insurance companies handling third-party claims won’t provide a settlement until the claimant has completed all of the necessary medical treatments for their bodily injuries.

What does this mean for you? You may be required to wait a significant period of time before any compensation is issued. And when you do receive a settlement offer, you need to be certain it is for the right amount, nothing lower than what your damages are worth.


Should I Hire an Insurance Claims Attorney in Utah? 


There are certain circumstances that may call for an attorney to be hired. Not only can they represent you if your insurer isn’t complying with your contact, but they can be rather resourceful as they can answer any questions you may have.

If you wish to learn more about how our lawyers can help you with your insurance claim dispute, give us a call today.