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There are several different auto insurance companies out on the market today providing Virginia residents with policies that are expected to cover casualties that are unexpected. Some of these companies are private and only cater to a few cities within the state while others seem to be taking over the market with the numerous consumers who purchase from them.  But, just because one company has a large number of customers buying from them doesn’t exactly mean they are all satisfied with the service, rates, etc., they are receiving.

Some of the things car owners look for when they are shopping around for insurance is a policy that isn’t too costly and/or is from a reputable, well-known company. But regardless of where you go, you always risk the chance of having your claim handled poorly which is why our insurance claim dispute attorneys in Virginia are constantly representing new clients who are dealing with an issue in which their insurer isn’t willing to comply.

Insurance disputes arise in several different forms and while some involve smaller, less expensive claims, others are for totaled vehicles that could potentially cost you thousands of dollars out of pocket. Having an insurer who is willing to work with you and provide you with ease and efficiency during the claims process is what we all strive for. Therefore, whether you are looking to get out of your current policy or simply want to see if your insurer has made the list, below are the top 20 auto insurance companies ranked from worst to best. The ratings are formulated from data provided by Property Causality 360 along with a survey conducted by

And if you are in search of a knowledgeable and dedicated insurance claims lawyer in the state of Virginia who can assist you as you work to get your unpaid claim settled, we can connect you with some of the best lawyers in the field who are familiar with the insurance industry in and out.


Top Insurance Companies Ranked from Worst to Best


  1. 21st Century Insurance-Received an overall score of 78.1
  2. Travelers- 78.7
  3. Esurance an Allstate Company- 79.6
  4. Mercury Insurance- 79.6
  5. American Family Insurance- 80.7
  6. Farmers Insurance- 81.4.
  7. Titan Insurance a Nationwide Insurance Company- 82
  8. Liberty Mutual Insurance- 82.1
  9. Allstate- 82.6
  10. Metlife- 84.3
  11. Nationwide- 84.5
  12. Geico- 85.7
  13. The General Insurance- 85.9
  14. Progressive-86.2
  15. State Farm- 87.2
  16. USAA- 87.5
  17. AAA Insurance- 90.4

These overall ratings are derived from customers’ opinions on their insurer’s prices, customer service, and the handing of claims. The survey participants were also asked whether they would recommend their insurance company to a friend and if they wanted to renew their current policy. To view the full details of the survey, click here.

While you may be looking to find a new insurer that can provide you with better service, it is important that if your current carrier isn’t paying out for your claim or is delaying the settlement that you consult with a nearby lawyer to determine if they are acting out of bad faith. Your insurer is expected to abide by state laws and regulations and should be recognized when they fail to.