After a home has sustained damage in Sarasota, FL, the owner of the property will need to notify their insurance company so that a claim can be filed. The insurance carrier will likely ask questions pertaining to the damage to gain a better understanding of why it occurred. Upon making initial contact with the insurer, the Florida Division of Consumer Services says that a homeowner should then:


  1. Review the “Conditions, Duties after a Loss Section” of their policy

Every homeowner’s insurance policy should contain the responsibilities of the insured after they experience a loss. The homeowner needs to follow through with their responsibilities as it could impact their ability to get their claim paid.


  1. “Mitigate damages to their property or protect the property from further damage.”

The Florida Division of Consumer Services states that a homeowner should make “reasonable temporary repairs” to prevent the damage from worsening while their claim is being processed. The homeowner will want to keep a record of any money that is spent on supplies and repairs so they can provide this to the insurer and potentially get reimbursed.


Important: Before a homeowner makes any repairs to their home, they should take photos of the initial damage that was done. The insurer will likely request this and use it to make a determination on the claim.


  1. Create a list of all the property that sustained damage.

The Florida Division of Consumer Services recommends that the list include the following:

  • Date of purchase
  • Quantity
  • Description
  • Value
  • Amount paid for each item


The insurer may request that the homeowner provide proof of purchase (e.g. receipts, bills, etc.) for the items he/she claims sustained damage to ensure the amounts provided are correct.


When will the insurer begin investigating a home damage claim?


After the insurance company receives proof of loss statements from the homeowner, the company should begin conducting an investigation into the claim within 10 working days, unless certain factors prevent the company from conducting its investigation (e.g. a hurricane, pandemic, etc.). Within 90 days from the day the claim was opened, the insurer is expected to either approve or deny the claim.


What if a Florida insurer denies a home damage claim?


Sometimes, an insurer may deny a claim because the underlying reason that led to the damage was not a covered peril. However, if a homeowner disagrees with their insurer’s decision to deny their claim, they can definitely challenge it and a Sarasota, FL insurance claims denial lawyer can help them. When an insurance carrier denies a claim or undervalues it, the homeowner has a right to seek legal advice from a Sarasota, FL insurance claims denial attorney. The lawyers at Shochet Law Group are more than qualified to review a home damage claim and determine if it was handled properly.

In the event an insurance carrier wrongfully denied a claim or undervalued it, Shochet Law Group can assist a homeowner with recovering the money they are due to get their home repaired.


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