What Should I Do If My Insurance Company Still Hasn’t Covered My Hurricane-Related Claim?

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It has been a few months since Hurricane Irma struck South Florida and left many other islands devastated and destroyed. Many insurance claims have been filed by those affected by the storm in hopes of receiving reimbursement so their homes could be repaired and their belongings could be replaced. However, there are still several Florida residents who are struggling with the insurance claims process, some even having their claim denied. If you are dealing with this or experiencing a similar insurance-related issue involving a denied or rejected claim, there are forms of recourse you can take.

Whether your insurer isn’t complying with the terms set forth in your policy or if they are delaying in providing you with a settlement you are entitled to receive, you do have options in terms of addressing the problem and receiving your rightful coverage. WGCU spoke with Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis, who oversees the regulation of insurance agencies at the Florida Division of Consumer Services, and he provided the public with one form of recourse that can be taken. If you aren’t satisfied with how your insurance company is handling your claim, consider the following:


  • Call the hotline at Insurance Help Hotline at 1-877-MYFLCFO with your questions and concerns in reference to your claims. The hotline has already received nearly 7,000 calls and many residents have been instructed to file a complaint with the Florida Division of Consumer Services. Once a complaint is submitted to the division, they will contact your insurance company and they then have 21 days to respond. This puts the pressure on your insurer to act fast as opposed to them being able to continue delaying your claim and providing you with vague responses each time you call in and inquire about the status of it.


Many of the individuals who are contacting this hotline are dealing with the following:


  • They are upset with the insurance settlement that was provided to them.
  • They are wondering where their insurance settlement is.
  • They wonder why it might be taking so long for their insurance claim to be settled.


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If you are unhappy with how your insurance company is handling your claim, you can always talk to a knowledgeable Fort Lauderdale insurance claims attorney.

If you are seeking a resolution to your insurance-related issue, this is one way to work toward receiving it.


You can also seek legal advice from a Fort Lauderdale Insurance Claims Attorney


If you are still waiting for your insurer to close your Irma-related claim or one that was filed for damage caused in another incident, you may want to consider speaking with a local Fort Lauderdale, FL insurance claims lawyer. USAttorneys.com has relationships with some of the best lawyers who are practicing in insurance law and they too can provide you with forms of recourse that can be taken so that your claim can be settled and not delayed. If you would like some assistance with locating a nearby insurance lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, contact USAttorneys today.

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