Insurance claim denial lawyers provide below some useful tips to consider when submitting a car accident claim.

While you may be under the impression that car accident claims are easily paid out as you have provided your insurance carrier with their required premium each month, not always is this the case. In fact, many consumers are faced with a denial notice after submitting an auto insurance claim, creating a bit of a conflict as they may not have the funds to cover the expenses required for repairs. In some cases, the policy holders fight back and attain a reversal, however, not all are successful when taking this route.

Although receiving a rejection notice for the car accident claim you submitted is one hurdle no policy holder wants to deal with, denied insurance claim attorneys in New York would like to share some useful tips that may be helpful in the event you are ever in a crash and need to submit a claim.

According to Regent Insurance, there are six things to keep in mind that could increase your chance of having your auto insurance claim approved as opposed to denied.

  1. Ensure you policy is current and up-to-date. It is important your carrier has all of your pertinent information and has in fact received your monthly payment.
  1. Report the initial accident to your insurance carrier. It is important you reach out to your insurer right away to inform them of this mishap.
  1. Whenever in a car accident, always report the incident to the police immediately. Insurance claim dispute legal representatives in New York also advise that you contact your insurance company and provide them with the case number as well.
  1. Have the towing company who is associated with your insurance carrier come and pick up your vehicle in the event it is unable to be driven.
  1. Be truthful when reciting what exactly occurred and why the accident transpired.
  1. If your auto insurance company requests further documentation after the accident, be sure to provide it to them to keep the current process going.

In some instances, car accident claims are easily paid out and the consumer is able to walk away with ease and contentment. Unfortunately, as mentioned, some insurance carriers would much prefer to not have to pay out what they are expected to, and often will link this denial to something you neglected to do.

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