Although Miami homes are built to withstand wind, rain, storms, etc., they aren’t invincible and sometimes sustain damage. A pipe leak, a weakened roof, or a natural disaster are only some of the culprits behind property damage. Fortunately, for homeowners, there is insurance available to protect them during times like these.

When a homeowner has purchased adequate amounts of insurance coverage and the damage their property suffers is covered by their policy, their insurer should assess the damage, value it, and provide them with a check so they are able to repair their home and/or replace any of the contents inside that may have been destroyed. Typically, before an insurance company will pay a property damage claim, the homeowner may need to meet certain requirements and pay their deductible, given they have one.

If a homeowner is unaware of what their deductible is, they can find this amount on their Declaration’s page.Usually, the cheaper the premium, the higher the deductible amount is and vice versa.

In the event a homeowner runs into an issue with their insurer, they may need to call upon an insurance claims attorney for help.


Examples of when it can benefit a homeowner to hire an insurance claims lawyer in Miami, FL.


  1. The homeowner’s insurance company undervalues a policyholder’s claim. If a property owner received a lowball offer from their insurer and can prove the damage is worth more, they can bring in a Miami, FL insurance claims attorney who can negotiate with the insurer in an effort to get the company to increase its offer.


  1. The insurance company denied the homeowner’s claim. If an insurer is attempting to find a way around having to approve a policyholder’s claim yet their policy clearly indicated coverage is warranted, they may need to retain an attorney who can look into the matter and determine where the issue lies. If an insurance company refuses to pay a damage claim and the policyholder has adequate coverage, a Miami, FL insurance claims denial lawyer can assist the homeowner with filing a lawsuit against the insurer.


  1. The insurer is taking too long to process a homeowner’s property damage claim. Generally, an insurance company must either pay or deny a claim within 90 days after receiving notice, according to The Florida Bar. If a carrier delays processing a claim and a homeowner finds that it has been longer than 90 days from the date they filed their claim, they should speak with an insurance claims attorney in Miami.


Despite the claims and promises insurance companies make to their policyholders, not always do they handle claims in a fair manner. If a homeowner has run into trouble with their insurer or has had their claim denied, they can contact The Law Office of William J. Roe, P.A. Insurance attorney William Roe assess the situation and determine what form of action needs to be taken to rectify the issue.


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