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One of the most complicated things that come along with purchasing insurance is that it isn’t always clear as to what your benefits cover and what they will not. Policies are often lengthy and contain verbiage the average individual doesn’t quite understand. So, what could happen as a result of this? Your claim could be denied for property damage or you are paid less than what you expected. This is one reason why homeowners and others who purchase various types of insurance coverage struggle with denied claims.

Sometimes, they simply didn’t understand what type of protection they were receiving or they weren’t explained in enough detail when they purchased the policy through an agent. But, just because you aren’t clear as to why your claim was denied doesn’t exactly mean it was an accurate decision. Maybe there is another reason that lies behind this and you haven’t yet figured it out.

But, if you feel the explanation provided for your claim denial isn’t sufficient, our insurance attorneys in Wisconsin may be able to assist you with this as they are familiar with all the insurance laws and statutes.


What Should You Do After Receiving a Notice that Your Claim Has Been Denied?


  • Make certain you have all the evidence you need. Whether your vehicle was hit in an accident or your roof sustained damage in a storm, you need evidence identifying just how much damage has been done. If you haven’t provided your insurer with proof such as photos and the exact details surrounding the incident, do so after you receive the denial notice in order for the agent handling the claim to re-evaluate the it and hopefully make a better decision.
  • File an appeal. If you continue to struggle with your insurance carrier, file an appeal utilizing the process they require. If you aren’t sure how to do this, you can always have one of our recommended Wisconsin insurance claims lawyers help you. If the appeal is denied, the nest step is filing a complaint. And if you find that your insurer still isn’t willing to comply, you can then turn to us.


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If you have exhausted all your options and are still struggling with your insurance company, now may be the best time to give us a call. We will work with you and your circumstances and help you locate a nearby insurance claim denial attorney in Wisconsin who is available to take on your case. The lawyers featured on our site have years of experience in the field and understand how these companies operate.  To get your free consultation scheduled, give us a call first or browse through the recommended lawyers listed right here on our site. You can give them a call directly if you wish and become one step closer to getting your insurance nightmare resolved.