In a tragic accident on Tuesday evening, a young woman’s boat overturned in Tuscaloosa’s Oliver Lock and Dam’s spillway. While other people involved in the same accident have made it out of the river, safe and sound, the search for the mentioned young woman in her 20s is ongoing. Tragic, unprecedented accidents like these are not that uncommon. People fall prey to ill-being or such happenstances, causing them and their families to deal with grief or loss. Despite having insurance, your claims might get denied, causing further agony. The right move is to contact some of the best insurance claims denial attorneys and let them fight the good for you. 


Of course, it is essential to try your best and avoid such accidents if you can help it. The Battalion chief for the Northport Fire Rescue Service, Roger Potter, gave a statement, emphasizing the importance of being vigilant about your surroundings and using every resource available to get yourself out of the situation. In this case, that would have been the act of wearing a lifeboat. 

17-Year-Old Hospitalized After Her Jet Ski was T-Boned by Another Watercraft in Okaloosa County, Florida

17-Year-Old Hospitalized After Her Jet Ski was T-Boned by Another Watercraft in Okaloosa County, Florida

How can you be prepared for the worst?


Irrespective of how vigilant and careful you may be, misfortune can befall anybody. In times like these, it’s best to have precautionary measures in place. Paying a premium for the right insurance can make or break it for you and your family in any tragedy. It’s also favorable to have contacts with insurance attorneys. Insurance companies can make it too tricky for you to get what is yours. Prepare yourself accordingly by contacting extraordinarily competent and efficient insurance claim denial law firms, which are expert at handling such situations. The search for the woman involved in this particular boat accident resumed on Wednesday morning. Tuscaloosa Fire & Rescue, Tuscaloosa Police, Northport Police, and Northport Fire were among the first responders to the accident on Tuesday, at 8 p.m. Officials are not sure if the people involved knew whether there was an upcoming spillway. 


The search has currently received support from the University of Alabama and ALEA, along with Tuscaloosa, Northport, all providing as much workforce and equipment required. ALEA provided another boat for the same purpose, at the landing, before 6:30 a.m.  


Why reach out to insurance claim denial law firms?


While these official agencies and authorities are doing their best to find the young woman and hopefully she’ll be found soon, the same cannot be said for everybody else who meets with a disaster through no fault of their own. Add to that, insurance companies are mostly trying to capitalize on somebody’s misfortune by denying claims left and right, without any objective reasons. Nobody should have to go through this. Call the best insurance claims attorneys at and secure your request today.

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